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Does the world need another Hero? HELL Yeah!


Kyandra is Bramon's granddaughter. Her golden skin marks her as Prophecy's Child, born out of need – she is a Chosen and the first REMvisionare in over a hundred cycles. She is the Child of the Golden Sun, prophesized to end the Darkness that threatens to annihilate a whole people. Kyandra possesses the ability to create realities. She also has a unique gift. “Sighting” It gives her abilities to do what no others can do. Destined to fulfill the completion of Prophecy’s telling and undo what Bramon has created; she must face the Dark Guardian and end Chaos reign – this is Kyandra’s charge. Her precious realm is the clan's last place of sanctuary – hidden from the Dark Guardian. Yet, there is a deeper and darker telling – another prophecy exists. It speaks of a joining between the Child of the Golden Sun and the Dark Guardian; it tells of a joining of both Light and Dark. Whereas, the seal that prevents Darkness from threatening Kyandra’s home for an epoch of cycles is no more. And Evil has found a way to break its barrier – the Dark Guardian had found the Clans at last – he has found the Child of the Golden Sun. Kyandra must travel through the realms overrun with the Dark Guardians creatures of destruction and meet the Dark Guardian for a final confrontation at the impenetrable wall –the Great Divide. The Darken, also born out of Evil, is sent to prevent her from reaching her destination. While the Prophecy begins to unravel, nothing is going according to its plan and Evil continues to pursue her very footsteps. If she cannot find a way to stop the Dark Guardian, darkness will obliterate all that is good – everyone that she loves will perish. Still, Kyandra is not so sure she should follow blindly after Prophecy. As she makes plans of her own as to how to deal with the darkness that threatens all that she holds dear. Those that travel with her must aid her regardless because the choice left to them if she fails is too terrible to imagine. Can Kyandra find a way to stop the Dark Prophecy and save her realm and save herself in the process?

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