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REMvision: The Kyandra Saga

Complete Book 1 REMvision
778 pgs. in a single unabridged volume


Kyandra, the first REMvisionare in over a hundred cycles. She is the Child of the Golden Sun prophesized to end the Darkness that threatens to annihilate a whole people. Kyandra possesses many special gifts, among them “Sighting” and the ability to create realities. She must use these gifts to face the Dark Guardian and end his reign of chaos – this is Kyandra’s charge. Kyandra and the Champions of Light must travel through realms overrun with the Dark Guardian’s creatures of destruction, and square off against the Dark Guardian himself, for a final confrontation at the Shrouded Wall – the Great Divide. Can Kyandra find a way to stop the Dark Prophecy and save her realm from total destruction?


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REMvision: The Kyandra Saga

Book 1 Part 1 370 pgs.


REMvision: The Kyandra Saga

Book 1 Part 2 378 pgs.


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