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The Prelude, Guardians of REM, begins the journey of the Guardians as their origins unfold, and their gifts unveil a frightening revelation. Everything created in Light must also have an equal counterpart made in Dark. With the Guardians unable to prevent the Chaos that is unfolding because they mishandled their gifts, they began searching for someone strong enough to stall Chaos and prevent the Darkness from eroding their creations from the inside out


The Kyandra Saga begins a hero’s journey alongside the Chosen. They must battle the Dark Guardian and his evil minions to stall Prophecy’s coming and the inevitable darkening of the remaining realms that become infected with Chaos. Kyandra learns even with her powers, she is incapable of outrunning her fate and must learn to depend on the Chosen to help her reach her path as the Dark Guardian seeks the souls of all she holds dear. Kyandra learns the true meaning of fear as she realizes that her enemy doesn’t pursue her to eliminate her to keep her from fulfilling Prophecy, but because she is also a part of the Dark Prophecy. Kyandra learns someday she will stand by the Dark Guardian’s side.

Does The World Need Another Hero
  • Does the World Need Another Hero –

The author muses about the question posed in the title of her stories, Does the World Need Another Hero, in an impromptu introduction and delves deep into six short stories with great descriptions and evocative use of words. It doesn’t matter if you are used to Robert E. Howard or Fritz Leiber for your sword & sorcery, Gloria Sanders-Williams steps up with a clear and brilliant visionary style in her writing. One-hundred and fifty-one pages leave you wanting more. These are stories that leave you waiting to breathe. Intriguing shorts that take the hero on their personal journey to find their heroism inside.


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