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A Writer's Journal 

The Hero In Me

I always wanted to inspire new writers and creative thoughts. What better way than to create a Journal with you the 'Hero' in mind.  This journal has 'I AM' affirmations, blank pages to express your thoughts, and even pages for your 'Sketchy days,' enjoy!  Desire4fire

Colorful Lights


Write down your deepest thoughts, and innermost feelings in this blank journal.  There's even pages in the back to sketch or draw.  I AM affirmations, and a I AM poem by yours truely.
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•I Am - someone willing to take the first step, the first word if need be. Or I will be someone that listens. I am willing. I am free, and I am me! I am positive. I am beautiful. I am confident. I am ever-changing. I am strong and unique; I am loving myself. I am outrageous and courageous- Brave, I am impressive. I am impressive. I am expressive, I am untested. I am invested. I am God’s own I am wonderful, I am blessed. I am battle-tested. I am rested. I am vivacious, and I am gracious; I am gifted. I am in Love with Myself. I am grateful, and I am unbreakable. I am Still Here. I am Fighting. I am striking. I am flexible. I am many things. I am a work in progress. Let my writings be the proof of all these things that I AM. I am speaking my gifts into reality.

©2022- Desire4fire

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