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Kyandra, the first REMvisionare in over a hundred cycles. She is the Child of the Golden Sun prophesized to end the Darkness that threatens to annihilate a whole people. Kyandra possesses many special gifts, among them “Sighting” and the ability to create realities. She must use these gifts to face the Dark Guardian and end his reign of chaos – this is Kyandra’s charge. Kyandra and the Champions of Light must travel through realms overrun with the Dark Guardian’s creatures of destruction, and square off against the Dark Guardian himself, for a final confrontation at the Shrouded Wall – the Great Divide. Can Kyandra find a way to stop the Dark Prophecy and save her realm from total destruction?

Guardians of REM


REM. A world made perfect through a dream made real – created by imaging. It takes a powerful will to bring such a place into being. This is the power bestowed upon a select few and only two Aceryons have mastered – the First and his grandson Bramon. Yet, consequences form from a power even older than the Aceryons own as a web of deceit captures both the First and his grandson within its hold. With the First trapped in an eternal abyss by his own arrogance, it leaves Bramon and his descendants to embrace their gifts and call upon courage and strength to maintain a balance within the place of their creation – REM. It is a realm already made fragile by the blatant use of a gift known little about. Where a gift is bestowed, a sacrifice is extracted – expected. Bramon also realizes that he is just a token, an implement within a fate that holds no affinity to its ‘maker.’ What he sought as an escape from painful memories has only created deadly ramifications. Bramon can only watch as Prophecy awakens, as his power causes doorways to shatter and what was kept on the other side, set free to destroy all that he loves. Only the Champions of Light, Dark and Chaos can dictate the End Times and a people’s fate. As Bramon realizes that an improbable task awaits the Guardians and those who are tied to him through blood and kinship – no one, but the Chosen can save the realms, if in fact the realms can be saved at all.


Steven Hill
5.0 out of 5 stars An amazing fantasy collection.
Reviewed in the United States on May 30, 2019
Verified Purchase
The author muses about the question posed in the title to her stories in an impromptu introduction and then delves deep into twenty-one short stories with great descriptions and with a very evocative use of words. It doesn't matter if you are used to Robert E. Howard or Fritz Leiber for your sword & sorcery, Gloria Sanders-Williams steps up with a clear and brilliant visionary style in her writing. One-hundred and twenty-nine pages that leaves you wanting more.

"Well done!"

  "This is not the type of book I generally read; however, the saga of Kyandra captivated me! I thoroughly enjoyed actually "feeling" I was a part of the scenes/locations and looked forward to what was to unfold next. Characters were well described allowing me access to their emotions and purpose within the saga. Bravo to Gloria Sanders-Williams!"  – C.D.

"☆☆☆☆☆ I HIGHLY recommend this book"

  "As an English teacher who rarely read fantasy, I knew that I needed to focus more on that genre since a lot of my students love fantasy. This book did NOT disappoint. The author's writing is smooth, detailed without over-doing it, and just plain enjoyable. I read this book (while wearing my jammies and drinking coffee) again during my break from the often stressful job of teaching." – Rosa


  "This is my second time reading this book...and I am not usually a fantasy-genre fan!!!! I HIGHLY recommend this book. I am an English teacher, so I know fantastic writing when I see it."  – Rosa

"Well worth the read"

  “Although I have not yet finished reading the book what I have read so far very well written. I really like how the author gives a thorough background to the characters. Knowing their individual participation's to the story line helps put everything into perspective. When reading some books it is not always clear what the character has to do with the plot, with this writing that is not the case. If you are a fan of fantasy, like traveling to other worlds or in this case “realms” in your mind this is the book for you.
Ms. Sanders-Williams is definitely an author to read.” – Anthony Urbinato


"☆☆☆☆☆ FIVE STARS"

  "Great Book. Good read"  – Franklyn R.


"Good Book!!!"

  "I enjoyed this book. This was a very good book. It is a fantasy story that goes into the history of why things are happening in the current times. It kept my interest and made me want to see what would happen next."  – R. Ross



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